FALL 2017

Matthew Rothwell is associate professor of history at Bryant University Zhuhai and is the author of Transpacific Revolutionaries: The Chinese Revolution in Latin America.

Transpacific Revolutionaries shows how Maoism was globalized during the 1949-1976 period, highlighting the agency of both Latin American and Chinese actors. While Maoism has long been known to have been influential in many social movements and guerrilla groups in Latin America, Transpacific Revolutionaries is the first book to establish the way in which Latin American communists domesticated Maoism to Latin American conditions and turned Maoism into an influential political trend in many countries. By utilizing case studies of the formation of Maoist guerrilla groups and political parties in Mexico, Peru and Bolivia, the book shows how the movement of Chinese communist ideas to Latin America was the product of a highly organized effort that involved formal connections between Latin American activists and the People’s Republic of China. It represents a major contribution to three developing fields of historical inquiry: Latin America in the Cold War, the global 1960s, and Chinese Maoist foreign relations.

The paperback version of Transpacific Revolutionaries is now available. You can buy it here.

Reviews of Transpacific Revolutionaries can be read here and here. The Peruvian blog Historia Global Online also features Transpacific Revolutionaries here.

Dr. Rothwell's most recent article, a political biography of the Chilean painter José Venturelli, titled "Secret Agent for International Maoism: José Venturelli, Chinese Informal Diplomacy and Latin American Maoism," can be found here: Radical Americas Journal.